Issue #17

“Everything is theoretically impossible until it is done.”

Robert A. Heinlein

Post-acute sequelae of SARS-CoV-2 associates with physical inactivity in a cohort of COVID-19 survivorsScientific Reports

SARS-CoV-2 infection and persistence in the human body and brain at autopsyNature

Is ‘Long Covid’ similar to ‘Long SARS’? Oxford Open Immunology

SARS-CoV-2 Reinfection is Preceded by Unique Biomarkers and Related to Initial Infection Timing and Severity: an N3C RECOVER EHR-Based Cohort StudymedRxiv* preprint

Who Gets Long COVID and Suffers its Mental Health and Socioeconomic Consequences in the United States? Preliminary Findings from a Large Nationwide StudymedRxiv* preprint

Circulating anti-nuclear autoantibodies in COVID-19 survivors predict long COVID symptomsEuropean Respiratory Journal

Long COVID: major findings, mechanisms and recommendationsNature Reviews Microbiology


Applying for Social Security disability with long Covid is complicatedCNBC

‘I want people to see us’: A writer gives voice to long Covid and mothering from bedSTAT

Long COVID JusticePOZ

“Long-Covid” Discrimination Lawsuit Filed Against Lifespan by Former Employee in Federal CourtGoLocalProv News

Long COVID: here’s what it’s like trying to access healthcare for the conditionThe Conversation

Low-Dose Lithium Treatment for Long COVID ExploredUniversity at Buffalo

COVID in California: Older Americans bearing brunt of latest surgeSan Francisco Chronicle

Long COVID researchers in CT to get part of $10 million in federal fundingConnecticut Public Radio

Impact of pre-existing chronic viral infection and reactivation on the development of long COVIDThe Journal of Clinical Investigation

Long Covid and Our BrainsMedical Republic

Long Covid can be debilitating, even for healthy kidsCNN

‘We’re all vulnerable’: One in 10 people will end up with long COVID, new study saysThe Sydney Morning Herald

Long COVID patients in N.L. say they’re tired of suffering in the darkCBC


Working with Long COVIDTwitter @Elllageru

Even mild infections can lead to long COVID in young people. What does the path to recovery look like?On the Record, NPR

Will Long COVID patients get better within a year?Twitter @dianaberrent

The Long Arc of Long CovidThe Assignment with Audie Cornish, CNN Audio

Video: Long COVID: Who’s Working to Find Treatments?Medscape on YouTube

Video: Long COVID Doctor: “We Don’t Know What We’re Dealing With”PBS SoCal

What is WHO doing about Long COVID?Twitter @mvankerkhove


Brighton and Sussex Medical School seeks participants with and without Long COVID for an Online SurveyTwitter @BSMSMedSchool


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