Issue #22

“In some strange way, any new fact or insight that I may have found has not seemed to me as a ‘discovery’ of mine, but rather something that had always been there and that I had chanced to pick up.”

Subrahmanijan Chandrasekhar

Monocyte migration profiles define disease severity in acute COVID-19 and unique features of long COVIDEuropean Respiratory Journal

Pooled Prevalence of Long COVID-19 Symptoms at 12 Months and Above Follow-Up Period: A Systematic Review and Meta-AnalysisCureus

How long is the long COVID? a retrospective analysis of football players in two major European ChampionshipsmedRxiv preprint

Association of Treatment With Nirmatrelvir and the Risk of Post–COVID-19 ConditionJAMA Internal Medicine

Outpatient Treatment of COVID-19 and the Development of Long COVID Over 10 Months: A Multi-Center, Quadruple-Blind, Parallel Group Randomized Phase 3 TrialThe Lancet preprint

SARS-CoV-2 restructures host chromatin architectureNature Microbiology


HSE to begin first state survey of long covid on TuesdayIrish Examiner

‘Blackouts and Slow Recovery’: How POTS After COVID is Still Haunting SurvivorsThe Quint

The knowns — and known unknowns — of long Covid, explainedVox

Long COVID has some weird symptoms. Face blindness may be one them.USA Today

UW study finds tie between inflammation and long COVID symptomsAxios

Markey, Kaine, Duckworth Reintroduce Bill to Help Millions of Americans Living With Long COVIDSenator Edward Markey

Kaine, Beyer propose bill to fund long COVID research and supportVPM – PBS

Virginia Worker With Long Covid Advances Leave, Disability SuitBloomberg Law

Researchers Are Getting Closer to Learning How to Treat and Prevent Long COVIDTime

Long COVID patients display MRI brain changesNews GP

An immunologist’s reflections on nine months of long COVIDGavi, the Vaccine Alliance

“COVID-somnia” and the impact of long COVID on sleepCBS News

Runaway immune reactions cause long COVID breathing problemsStanford Medicine

New study says insomnia is another issue for people with long COVIDCBS Philadelphia

Gwyneth Paltrow Refers To Her Long Covid When Responding To Bone Broth BacklashForbes

Doctors try to explain long COVID. Why don’t we know more about it?WUSF Public Media

How a new app could help ten million Britons with long Covid, asthma and COPDiNews

King Introduces Bipartisan, Bicameral Bill to Boost Long COVID Research, Treatment EffortsSenator Angus King

What living with long COVID is really likeScripps News

YNHHS to establish long COVID treatment centerYale Daily News

Long Covid symptoms: constipation, bloating and diarrhoea among list of complaints, study findsNational World


Effects of Nattokinase+Serrapeptase on Long COVIDTwitter @AndyJay1

Radio: Exploring Long COVID Part 1: Why don’t we know more about it?Public Media for Central Florida

Radio: Exploring Long COVID Part 2: What’s it like to have it?Public Media for Central Florida

Radio: Exploring Long COVID Part 3: How do we treat it?Public Media for Central Florida

Video: Long COVID: What we do and don’t know after 3 years of the pandemic with Andrea Garcia, JD, MPHAmerican Medical Association

Video: Senator Kaine talks Long COVID on Senate floorFredericksburg Today

Vermonters with long COVID share their experiences@vermonthealth on Twitter

A Decentralized, Randomized Phase 2 Efficacy and Safety Study of Nirmatrelvir/Ritonavir in Adults With Long COVIDTwitter @VirusesImmunity

Video: U.S. Public Health Emergency Declaration Ending with Dr. Kavita Patel and Dr. Eric Feigl-DingWorld Health Network

Long COVID effects on eyes and balanceTwitter @D_Bone


Preventing Long CovidDr. Eric Topol on Substack


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