Issue #26

“Big breakthroughs happen when what is suddenly possible meets what is desperately needed.”

Thomas L. Freidman

Persistent serum protein signatures define an inflammatory subcategory of long COVIDNature Communications

The Effectiveness of COVID-19 Vaccines to Prevent Long COVID Symptoms: Staggered Cohort Analyses of Data from the UK, Spain, and EstoniaPreprints with The Lancet

Acute and post-acute sequelae of SARS-CoV-2 infection: a review of risk factors and social determinantsVirology Journal

Increased red blood cell deformation in children and adolescents after SARS-CoV-2 infectionScientific Reports

Long-term effect of COVID-19 infection on kidney function among COVID-19 patients followed in post-COVID recovery clinic in British Columbia, Canada – Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation


The mystery of long covid is getting closer to being unraveledThe Washington Post

Inflammation Firestorm Could Be The Secret Culprit of Long COVIDNeuroscience News

Long COVID: effects on fatigue and quality of life can be comparable to some cancers – new researchThe Conversation

We are in denial about the huge consequences of long COVID on Canadians’ healthThe Globe Mail

Researchers identify type of long COVID with persistent inflammationCIDRAP

More evidence that long COVID is more common in people with HIVNAM aidsmap

Breathing difficulties after covid-19: a guide for primary careThe BMJ

Highly cited Lancet long COVID study retracted and republishedRetraction Watch

Pre-pandemic Sleep Disorders Associated With Risk of Long COVID, Study FindsManaged Healthcare Executive

Long COVID and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Share PathophysiologyNEJM Journal Watch

‘Doctors were adamant I had depression, but I’ve had Long Covid for two years’The Daily Star

Chatbots Detect Long COVID by Phone in a World FirstMedical Republic

An Update on Long COVID and Psychiatric SymptomsPsychology Today

COVID-19’s cardiac legacy: An updateHarvard Health Publishing

NYC resident claims employee discrimination due to long COVID disabilityNBC New York

Cancer Patients May Mount Weak Immune Response Against COVID Despite VaccinationPharmacy Practice News

“Long COVID made me hate my body – here’s how I found my way back to happiness”Cosmopolitan

Altering Microbiome Alleviates Symptoms of Long COVIDGastroenterology and Endoscopy News

Long Covid at work: what employers need to knowPeople Management

Long COVID: answers emerge on how many people get betterNature

Nearly 36 million in Europe may have experienced long COVID, World Health Organization official saysABC News

The Pandemic Has Faded From View. But Many Educators Still Have Long COVIDEducation Week

Federal Survey: 11% of Previously Infected U.S. Adults Report Long COVID SymptomsU.S. News

Stanford Study of Paxlovid for Long COVID Stopped EarlyMedPage Today

The Link Between “Brain Fog” and Long COVIDContagion Live


Radio: What the latest research tells us about long COVID’s most common symptomsPBS News

Fusion of Neurons in COVIDTwitter @WesElyMD

Video: Long-Covid Patients: Symptoms and PreventionWorld Health Network on YouTube


The Long COVID Survival Guide won the Gold in Foreword Indies Health CategoryThe Experiment


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